Lo Studio

I have always conceived my studio as something between an atelier and a workshop, a place where I could receive my friends, passionate about photography or simply eager to know something about the world of photography, and my clients, who often become my friends!

The studio is located in the city where I live and work: Catania. The studio is divided into two main areas: the reception room, which is actually a comfortable sitting room, a place to chat and talk about plans and photography services, before a good cup of coffee; and the shooting area. It is the place where I have taken pictures on behalf of companies and private clients.

Family, couple and children portraits, maternity photography better known as pregnancy photography, and photos for those who would like to post a private or professional portrait on social media, professional registers or various publications like a book cover.

It is in my atelier that I have created and shot advertising images for Italian companies such as GdA and Franke, just to mention a couple.

I look forward to seeing you!